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Welcome to ICCCPO's Web Site

The International Confederation of Childhood Cancer Parent Organisations (ICCCPO) is a worldwide network of organisations of parents of children with cancer.  

It was founded in May 1994 in Valencia, Spain, and now has membership of about 100 organisations from over 60 countries. 

Our focus is on the cooperation and sharing of information and experiences between parent groups around around the world, so that all can benefit from it and become more effective in improving the treatment and care of children with cancer in their own countries. 

About the Web Site

This web site is intended to be a major resource for parent organisations, and individual parents, throughout the world.  

It contains:

- information about parent organisations around the world;

- a wide range of articles relevant to childhood cancer, and to the establishment and running of parent groups; 

- and it provides links to sites which contain information of value for parents and their families.  

For contributions or suggestions, contact the Webmaster

The World Child Cancer Foundation

The World Child Cancer Foundation (WCCF) is an initiative by ICCCPO to be able to provide funding to improve the treatment and care for children with cancer around the world, and especially in less developed cointries where access to effective treatment may be very limited or even non-existent.  

For more details of the exciting new prospect, please visit the WCCF website.    

What's on the Web Site?
A quick summary of the things you can find on the web site:  

To find out more about ICCCPO (go here); 

  - for details of the benefits of membership (go here); 

  - for contact details of the Executive Committee, plus membership and sponsorship applications, (go here)
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For facts about Childhood Cancer (go here).  

For links to other sites relevant to Childhood Cancer (go here).  

For the compliation of many articles of interest to parents and parent groups, and for previous ICCCPO Newsletters (go here).  

These include the SIOP Psychosocial Guidelines; the "Guidelines for Standards of Treatment and Care" for Childhood Cancer, developed by ICCCPO and SIOP; and the "Warning Signs for Childhood Cancer", adopted by SIOP.   

For details of all of the Member Organisations of ICCCPO (go here).  

For details of Meetings of interest to Parents (go here), 

  and of future events, including International Childhood Cancer Day (go here).  

For information about long term survivors of Childhood Cancer (go here).  

"Through my Eyes" has been an event run from 2005 to 2007, where children with cancer have taken photographs of their world, as they see it.  

  The posters from the 2006 "Through My Eyes" Exhibition are now available on this site.  Go here.  

  The posters from the 2005 "Through My Eyes" exhibition are also available.  Go here

  The Information Pack for this years "Through My Eyes" project is now available on this site.  Go here.  

  The "Through My Eyes" Media Release for 2007 is available.  Go here

To see what new information has been added recently, go here