International Childhood Cancer Day

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"Through My Eyes" Information Pack - click here.  

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- International Childhood Cancer Day is held on the 15th February each year.
- Fundraising and media events held throughout February.

The purpose of the International Childhood Cancer Day (ICCD) is to:

- Educate the general public about childhood cancer
- To raise money through fundraising events
- To promote the work of local parent organisations


Further details of this event will be posted to the web site soon.  

For further details of ICCD, contact the ICCCPO organiser for ICCD Anita Kienesberger:


Through my Eyes - Part 3.

In the past two years, we had the very successful photo project, "Through my Eyes", where children with cancer around the world took photographs of their life.  In 2005 the photos covered their lives in hospital, and the very moving results were on display at the ICCCPO / SIOP Conference in Vancouver in Sept 2005.  In 2006, the topic was "Cancer in the Classroom", with the posters being on display at the Geneva conference.  

The third part of the project will his year focus on the children in their home environment, entitled: "Through My Eyes: A Day in the Life of Children with Cancer Around the World - Part Three: Cancer in the Home and Community".
An information pack is available.  Click here.  And the Media Release is also available - click here.  

Our very grateful thanks to Christine Wandzura and her staff at the Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta, Canada, for all their efforts in organising this event.