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Web Sites for Childhood Cancer

There is much information on Web Sites of other organisations.  

To go to a list of these resource sites that have been found to be useful by Parent Organisations, Click here.

For the Web Sites of the Member Organisations of ICCCPO, go to the various Country pages.  Click here

The World Child Cancer Foundation:  The World Child Cancer Foundation (WCCF) is an initiative by ICCCPO to be able to provide funding to improve the treatment and care for children with cancer around the world, and especially in less developed cointries where access to effective treatment may be very limited or even non-existent.  For more details of the exciting new prospect, please visit the WCCF website

SIOP Web Sites:

The International Society of Paediatric Oncology is the organisation that brings together the doctors and other medical staff who are involved in the treatment of childhood cancers throughout the world.  Go to: 

The web site for SLAOP (the Latin American SIOP) is: 

UICC Web Site:

The International Union against Cancer (UICC) is the only international non-governmental organisation dedicated exclusively to the global control of cancer.  Its vision is of a world where cancer is eliminated as a major life-threatening disease for future generations.  Go to: 

UICC have a focus for 2006 on Childhood Cancer, and in particular their "My Child Matters" project.  Visit their website -  

Other sites:


The Hospital Organisation of Pedagogues in Europe (H.O.P.E) is a body which is concerned with the schooling for children in hospital.  

Their web site is:


The CHILDHOPE project represents an innovative approach in paediatric cancer treatment. We hope to bring new methodologies of genetically engineered T-cells from from bench to bedside (and back). This is an innovative technology as yet never applied in children with advanced or refractory leukemia / lymphoma. 

For more details, see their website:


Innovative Therapies for Children with Cancer European Consortium.  ITCC aims to provide a combined biological and clinical drug evaluation programme to select and apply the most promising novel compounds for their use in childhood cancer. 

See their website:  for further details.