Why join ICCCPO?

Rights, obligations and benefits of membership



All ICCCPO Member Organisations have certain rights as follows:


Responsibilities and Obligations


All ICCCPO Member Organisations (including both Full and Associate Members) have certain responsibilities or obligations:


Benefits of Membership





Associate Member



Eligible to vote at the Annual General Assembly. 


Eligible to serve on the Executive Committee.  Yes    
An official voice in how parents are heard by the medical community (SIOP).  Yes    
A voice in the financial affairs of ICCCPO.  Yes    
Actively participate in the programmes and services provided by ICCCPO.  Yes    
Speak for parents, countries and organisations that are not yet members of ICCCPO.  Yes Yes  
Exercising your social responsibility for families of children with cancer.  Yes Yes  
Complimentary copy of "You Are Not Alone".  Yes Yes  
Complimentary copy of the International Bibliography. Yes Yes  
Take part in ICCD (International Childhood Cancer Day), to raise funds and awareness for their organisation.  Yes Yes  
Eligible to serve on sub-committees.  Yes Yes  
Invitation to all meetings.  Yes Yes Yes
Attend all regional / continental meetings, and eligible for stipends Yes Yes  
Eligible to receive handouts and guidelines at meetings.  Yes Yes Yes
Newsletter three times a year.  Yes Yes Yes
Eligible to receive a stipend to attend the ICCCPO AGA and conference.  Yes Yes Yes, when pursuing membership