Information Resources for Childhood Cancer


Childhood Cancer - Guidelines for Standards of Treatment & Care

- These guidelines have been developed by ICCCPO and SIOP, and are intended to provide a basis of  good standards for the treatment of childhood cancers worldwide.  

The Guidelines were adopted by SIOP in Porto in 2002.  

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Newsletters and Annual Reports

Previous Newsletters and Annual Reports of ICCCPO are available.   Go here


You are Not Alone

- A Sourcebook for Support Groups for Families of Children with Cancer

This is a very widely used book, written by Mark Chesler and Sara Eldridge, and published by the Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation in the USA.  

It is available as a .pdf file from the Candlelighters web site.  Click here

Articles on this site

These are general groupings for articles which address particular types of issues relevant to childhood cancer, parent groups, etc. 
SIOP Psychosocial Guidelines


Running Parent Groups (including workshop presentations at Vancouver and Geneva)


Activities of  Parent Groups around the World






Parents and Families


Conference talks and feedback


Thoughts, poems and inspiration


Medically related


Other articles



Articles in Spanish

Many of the articles from this site, as well as many of the newsletters, have been translated into Spanish by the Fundation Flexer, which is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

To view these, please go to their web site:

Our grateful thanks to Edith and the Fundation Flexer for organising these translations and making them available.  


International Annotated Resource List

The ICCCPO International Library collection contains a wide range of resources relevant to parents and parent groups. 

It was developed with the assistance of many people, and in particular we are grateful to The Childhood Cancer Foundation - Candlelighters Canada for researching and publishing the first Annotated Resource List and for establishing the library.  

The collection is currently housed in Alberta, Canada, and we appreciate the efforts of the Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta for their support in undertaking this task on behalf of ICCCPO.  

To download a copy of the Annotated Resource List (as an .rtf file), please click here.  

Warning Signs for Childhood Cancer

A set of warning signs for childhood cancer have been developed, by the South African Children's Cancer Study Group, and have been adopted by SIOP for use in all developing countries.  For more details, click here.  

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