Through My Eyes Posters - 2006

As part of International Childhood Cancer Day in February 2006, children from around the world were invited to take photos of their life at school, as they see it. 

There were many wonderful pictures submitted, and the results were put into over 60 posters which were exhibited at the SIOP / ICCCPO Conference in Geneva, Switzerland in September 2006. 

Many thanks to Roche and Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta, Canada for their sponsorship and support.  

Images of  the photos displayed are given below.  To see the full size image, click on the thumbnail image. 

Note: The images from the 2005 posters are still on the site.  Go here.  


68_intro_1.jpg (38992 bytes)

Intro 1

69_intro_2.jpg (64771 bytes)

Intro 2

70_intro_3.jpg (46394 bytes)

Intro 3

72_intro_5.jpg (66679 bytes)

Intro 4

73_intro_6.jpg (56261 bytes)

Intro 5

6_buenos_aires_argentina.jpg (378172 bytes)

Argentina; Buenos Aries

10_dhaka_bangladesh.jpg (335366 bytes)

Bangladesh; Dhala

8_chittagong_bangladesh.jpg (407044 bytes)

Bangladesh; Chittagong

17_ghent_belgium.jpg (70994 bytes)

Belgium; Ghent

24_leuven_belgium.jpg (65329 bytes)

Belgium; Leuven

5_brussels_belgium.jpg (363793 bytes)

Belgium; Brussels

4_bosnia_herz.jpg (365829 bytes)

Bosnia & Herzegovina

36_sao_paulo_brazil.jpg (64850 bytes)

Brazil; Sao Paulo

37_sao_paulo_do_cancer.jpg (60307 bytes)

Brazil; Sao Paulo

13_edmonton_canada.jpg (53910 bytes)

Canada: Edmonton, Alberta

19_bell_river_ontario.jpg (52615 bytes)

Canada: Bell River, Ontario

21_owen_sound_ontario.jpg (64785 bytes)

Canada: Owen Sound, Ontario

26_london_ontario.jpg (59570 bytes)

Canada: London, Ontario

29_montreal_canada.jpg (49818 bytes)

Canada: Montreal

43_toronto_canada.jpg (46551 bytes)

Canada: Toronto

52_calgary_alberta.jpg (63092 bytes)

Canada: Calgary, Alberta

53_hong_kong_china.jpg (60016 bytes)

China; Hong Kong

40_split_croatia.jpg (63259 bytes)

Croatia; Split

48_brno_czech.jpg (73362 bytes)

Czech; Brno

35_prague_czech.jpg (62011 bytes)

Czech; Prague

14_montpellier_france.jpg (69931 bytes)

France; Montpelier

11_dresden_germany.jpg (61597 bytes)

Germany; Dresden

12_duisburg_germany.jpg (63809 bytes)

Germany; Duisburg

15_freiburg_germany.jpg (51521 bytes)

Germany; Freiburg

18_hamburg_germany.jpg (43323 bytes)

Germany; Hamburg

28_mannheim_germany.jpg (60828 bytes)

Germany; Mannheim

31_muenster_germany.jpg (64785 bytes)

Germany; Muenster

46_wuppertal_germany.jpg (57535 bytes)

Germany; Wuppertal

47_wuerzburg_germany.jpg (62120 bytes)

Germany; Wuerzburg

51_athens_greece.jpg (60532 bytes)

Greece; Athens

20_rekjavik_iceland.jpg (67924 bytes)

Iceland; Rekjavik

22_jakarta_indonesia.jpg (70627 bytes)

Indonesia; Jakarta

49_iran.jpg (60423 bytes)


56_dublin_ireland.jpg (48170 bytes)

Ireland; Dublin

16_genova_italy.jpg (66343 bytes)

Italy; Genova

2_amman_jordan.jpg (65578 bytes)

Jordan; Amman

23_lebanon.jpg (73134 bytes)


9_mexico_city_mexico.jpg (391781 bytes)

Mexico; Mexico City

34_nijmegen_netherlands.jpg (60763 bytes)

Netherlands; Nijmegen

54_rotterdam_netherlands.jpg (66741 bytes)

Netherlands; Rotterdam

44_utrecht_netherlands.jpg (55255 bytes)

Netherlands; Utrecht

33_new_zealand.jpg (72857 bytes)

New Zealand

25_lisbon_portugal.jpg (62319 bytes)

Portugal; lisbon

45_volgograd_russia.jpg (67975 bytes)

Russia; Volograd

30_moscow_russia.jpg (61979 bytes)

Russia; Moscow

38_singapore.jpg (59706 bytes)


50_kosice_slovakia.jpg (58947 bytes)

Slovakia; kosice

57_joburg_south_africa.jpg (64122 bytes)

South Africa; Johannesburg

39_valencia_spain.jpg (74326 bytes)

Spain; Valencia

27_madrid_spain_asion.jpg (72460 bytes)

Spain; Madrid

1_ales_spain.jpg (56515 bytes)

Spain; Ales

3_ankara_turkey.jpg (67985 bytes)

Turkey; Ankara

32_naacpo_uk.jpg (64280 bytes)


41_sutton_uk.jpg (66758 bytes)

UK; Sutton

55_cardiff_wales.jpg (48382 bytes)

UK; Cardiff, Wales

42_texas_usa.jpg (63461 bytes)

USA; Texas

7_cedars_sinai_usa.jpg (271754 bytes)

USA; Cedars Sinai

58_big_pic_1.jpg (49383 bytes)

Picture 1

59_big_pic_2.jpg (58464 bytes)

Picture 2

60_big_pic_3.jpg (49880 bytes)

Picture 3

61_big_pic_4.jpg (57151 bytes)

Picture 4

62_big_pic_5.jpg (54529 bytes)

Picture 5

63_big_pic_6.jpg (54910 bytes)

Picture 6

64_big_pic_7.jpg (58141 bytes)

Picture 7

65_big_pic_8.jpg (49620 bytes)

Picture 8

66_big_pic_9.jpg (49525 bytes)

Picture 9

67_big_pic_10.jpg (70776 bytes)

Picture 10