What's New?

The recent changes have been:


In March 2008:

- Initial announcement of the Latin-American Meeting of Childhood Cancer Parent Organisations in Quito, Ecuador in June 2008. See Meetings page.  


In February 2008:

- The newsletter 2007/2 has been added, both as a pdf file (go here) and as a web page (go here). 

- The parents and Nurses programmes for the SIP-Asia conference in Muscat have been added.  Go here


In January 2008:

- The membership details (including new members elected in Mumbai) have been updated.  Go here

- The details of the new Executive Committee have been updated.  Go here  


In October 2007:

- The final updated schedule (draft 9) for the Mumbai Conference is now available.  Go here.  


In September 2007:

- The updated schedule (draft 8) for the Mumbai Conference is now available.  Go here.  

- Links to the websites of CHILDHOPE and the Innovative Therapies for Children with Cancer (ITCC) European Consortium have been added.  See the Links page.  


In August 2007:

- A significant redesign of the web site has been done, with the intention of making the information contained in it more accessible.  

If you have any suggestions for improvement of the site, please contact the webmaster.   


In July 2007:

- More details and a  provisional schedule for the Mumbai Conference is now available.  Go here.  


In June 2007:

- The first Newsletter for 2007 is now available, both as a pdf file (go here) and web pages with the associated articles (go here).  

- Many newsletters and articles from this site have been translated into Spanish, and can be found on the web site of the Fundation Flexer, Argentina.  Go here.

- There is updated information of several meetings and conferences (go here), as well as the usual update of contact details for members.  


In January 2007:

- The Information Pack for this years "Through My Eyes" project in available.  Go here.  

- The Media Release for this project is also available.  Go here

- The Media Release for ICCD 2007 is available.  Go here