Tracey Chorley



Tracey Chorley [England]

My name is Tracey and I was diagnosed with the Ewings tumour, PNET in April 1998 at the age of 12. I was in my second year of secondary school at the time and missed a lot of schooling but after much support from the school, family and friends and CLIC (Cancer and Leukaemia in Childhood) charity I managed to complete school with good exam results. I am now completing my final year at college and am hoping to take a year out, traveling to either USA or Australia before returning to start a degree in primary teaching, specialising in PE at university.

It was my first ICCCPO meeting at Porto in September 2002, which was an interesting and worthwhile experience. To meet so many people from across the world who share similar experiences as myself was amazing and it was very interesting to see the differences in treatment survivors received in each country.

In England, I belong to the charity TOPS (Teenage Oncology Patient Support) who provide a great support network for teenagers who have or have had cancer or leukaemia. I have met many good friends through this charity and it has helped me during and after my treatment. The charity provides many activities throughout the year, including an annual summer holiday, allowing members to come together and share their experiences.

I believe that the work of ICCCPO is important in helping other charities and support groups to be developed around the world through sharing of ideas and communication between fellow survivors.


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