Eva Coenen



Eva Coenen [Netherlands]

Some twenty years ago I was born in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I was raised together with my brother by my mum and dad and until I was in my first year of high school all went well.

In that year I started to have headaches and was feeling nauseous. After a few months, I was 12 years old at that time, I was diagnosed with a brain tumour. The type of tumour I had was relatively ‘benign’: I only needed surgery twice and could go home within a couple of weeks to start rehabilitation. Soon after I started back at school and followed a couple of lessons each day. In the end of the year I even managed to go to second grade.

After this whole episode my parents and I joined the Dutch Childhood Cancer Parent Organization (VOKK) and over the years I grew more involved in the survivor-sibling-support-group. Two years ago the international survivor network met for the first time. After this first meeting the survivors asked the ICCCPO to be able to meet the next year in Porto too. I went to both meetings and learned a lot from what is done in other countries.

The international survivor network is important, in my opinion, for all survivors and children currently in treatment. By viewing this website you’ll be able to compare facilities provided in different countries organized by ICCCPO- member organizations. These options might give you ideas you set up a support-group in your own country. Or you feel like writing with someone with somewhat the same experiences. Good luck with your journey through this website and your life. 


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