Cosmin Halmagi



Cosmin Halmagi [Romania]


I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma when I was 15, and received chemotherapy for it.

My mother joined the parent organisation PAVEL while I was in hospital.

After I finished my treatment I started to help out too. The organisation has developed a lot from the initial small group: now it is organising events for the kids and getting donations for the hospitals, has organised a parent's house and received some equipment.

Nowadays I work as a volunteer for the Romanian parent organisation (PAVEL). I am a programmer and student in automatics so I use my skills to help with servicing the computers, maintaining the website, training other volunteers. I also do regular volunteer work when needed.

I'd like to start a survivor group in my country and I plan to manage the internet side of it (communicatory marketing): website, discussing group, forum, chat room etc... But first I'd like to help with the initial set-up and organisation.

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