Christof Stark

Christof Stark [Austria]

I was born on 22nd of January 1984 in Linz.  When I was 3 years old I was diagnosed with ALL.  My treatment took about one year and consisted of a mix of chemo and radiation. 
During my time in hospital my mother realised lots of problems that parents whose children are suffering of cancer are confronted with. So she arranged the Upper-Austrian Children-Cancer-Foundation. Due to her work, cancer was always a big part of my life all the time. At the age of 6, cancer was nothing special for me (like flu or something else) but that changed totally when I was 14 years old! At that time I recalled the past and my cancer. So I realised that I had a lot of luck and it is a gift that I can live my life as normally as I do now! So I want to share this gift to other young cancer patients and maybe it will give them hope. Thatís one reason why Iím engaged in the Survivor Group in Austria. The second reason is, that itís nice to meet other people with the same background. And wherever Survivors come from, whatever language they speak they are united because of their experience. And that feels good ;-)
IRIEON to all Survivors!

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