Articles on Support Issues

These articles are about aspects of providing support for the parents, families and children.  

It is hoped that this body of articles will be added to, to share and enhance  the experiences and expertise of parent groups around the world.  



Author Date  
Setting up groups for adolescents and young adults Gerlind Bode 1995 Go
THE DIARY: building a bridge between parental care and professional care.  Marianne Naafs-Wilstra, 
Corry van den Hoed-Heerschop
1997 Go
A ‘Home Away From Home’ Iris Casteren van Cattenburch 1998 Go
The project Caroline and Christer Dr. Eduardo Pérez-Bercoff 1998 Go
Children's Oncology Camping Association International Christine Wandzura 1998 Go
The School Programme of the Dutch Childhood Cancer parent Organisation  Marianne C. Naafs-Wilstra 1998 Go
An educational support program: learning at distance for children suffering from serious diseases or accidents. Eduardo Perez-Bercoff 1998 Go

"Achtung, jetzt komm' ich !", a program for siblings

Bernd Mirbach and Markus Hladic 1999 Go

A visual support for preparing children for a painful procedure.

Sophia Griffioen 1999 Go

Short term intensive support groups for mothers who have lost a child to cancer

Saiki-Craighill, S. 1999 Go
Back to school: School reintegration after childhood cancer   Tanja van Roosmalen & Claire Assman-Hulsmans   2001 Go
L'Envol, twelve days to alleviate the burden of disease and treatment  Prof. G. Tchernia 2001 Go

"Hospital at home" for children with cancer. 

 A proposal for palliative care.

Luisa M.E. Massimo 2002 Go
Organising school education for children with cancer in Finland Leena Vasankari-Vayrynen 2002 Go
Family policy and basic child / parent needs Mokhtar El Harras 2002 Go

It's over - Is it over ?

Elfi Schattauer



Guidelines to support education for children with cancer Childrens Cancer Association of Japan 2003 Go
School shouldn't be a bad memory Beth Wicks (UK) 2003 Go
Palliative home care for children in Antwerp Dr. E. Michiels 2003 Go

Parent Voice in Childhood Cancer and Other Serious Health Conditions

Helen Jerram (NZ) 2003 Go
E-learning as motivation for child and young adult cancer patients - “European Computer Driver’s License (ECDL)” Erich Wurzinger,  Stefan Kremser, Elfi Schattauer  (Austria) 2003 Go
Art Therapy and real prospects for the future Marina Novitskaya (Ukaraine) 2004 Go

Home Care of Pediatric Oncology Patients

Gerlind Bode (Germany)

2004 Go

Organising a Volunteer Programme in the Paediatric Haematology Oncology Unit at the Johannesburg Hospital, South Africa

Sadie Cutland (South Africa)

2004 Go
Schooling Integration Program of the Spanish Federation of Children with Cancer Hortensia Dias Asper (Spain) 2004 Go

The Heart and Soul of Movement.  The practice of adapted physical activities (APA) in collaboration with pediatric cancer institutes

  2004 Go
Striving for normality: the experience of cancer related fatigue in young people Faith Gibson (UK) 2005 Go
Supportive care for children with cancer: a national consensus Marianne Naafs-Wilstra (Netherlands) 2005 Go
Two Worlds - One Family (A round table on twinning - Oslo 2004)   2005 Go
A Bridge for Life: Twinning between Italy and Paraguay Valeria Casadio (Italy) 2005 Go
The Listening to Children and Young People with Cancer Project Faith Gibson (UK) 2005 Go
Returning to School - A Teachers Guide for Students with a Brain Tumor Bette Petersen-Broyd (UK) 2005 Go
Day Care Center at CanSupport (Delhi) CanSupport (India) 2005 Go
Waldpiraten Camp (The Forest Pirates) Gerlind Bode (Germany) 2005 Go

Teaming up between children, medical staff and families: A lesson learned from the front line

Jean Fabre and Muriel Scibilia (Switzerland)

2006 Go

Together for the same aim!

Renate Pfeifer (Germany)

2006 Go

A Training Programme for Family Support Workers

Rosemarie Thomas (New Zealand)

2006 Go

Love and the Relationship Bond between Parent and Child during Cancer Treatment

Leora Kuttner  (Canada)

2006 Go
Narrative medicine in paediatric oncology: its value and role of empathy towards sick children and their families Luisa M. Massimo (Italy) 2006 Go
The Clinic Nanny Project Agathe Schwarzinger & Nina. Gebetsberger  (Austria) 2007 Go
My Child Matters: Palliative Care for children with cancer in Bangladesh Afzal H. Choudhury (Bangladesh) 2007 Go
My Child Matters: Early Detection Campaign of Childhood Leukemia and Retinoblastoma Lastri Krisnarto (Indonesia) 2007 Go
My Child Matters: Building a Future for the Children of Romania P.A.V.E.L (Romania) 2007 Go
The missing link … in Parent Support Groups in pediatric oncology in developing countries – The role of the clinical nurse coordinator (CNC) and the Jordan experience   Tha’er G. Almomani (Jordan) 2007 Go