Psychosocial Support Issues

SIOP Guidelines

These articles have been written by the SIOP Working Committee on Psychosocial Issues in Paediatric Oncology.  There has been significant input from members of ICCCPO members into many of these articles.  

We are grateful for the permission of SIOP to make these available on this site. 






Charter for children in hospital     Go

Recommendations for the organisation of a paediatric cancer unit.

SIOP Working Committee 1993 Go
1) Aims and recommendations for psychosocial care SIOP Working Committee 1993 Go
2) Guidelines for School / Education SIOP Working Committee 1995 Go
3) Guidelines for Care of Long-Term Survivors SIOP Working Committee 1996 Go
4) Guidelines for the communication of the diagnosis SIOP Working Committee 1997 Go
5) Guidelines for a Therapeutic Alliance between Families and Staff:  SIOP Working Committee 1998 Go
6) Guidelines for assistance to terminally ill children with cancer SIOP Working Committee 1999 Go
7) Guidelines for Assistance to Siblings of Children with Cancer SIOP Working Committee 1999 Go
8) Guidelines for the Recognition, Prevention, and Remediation of Burnout in Health Care Professionals Participating in the Care of Children with Cancer SIOP Working Committee 2000 Go
9) Refusal, Non-Compliance, and Abandonment of Treatment in Children and Adolescents with Cancer SIOP Working Committee 2002 Go
10) Valid Informed Consent and Participative Decision Making in Children with Cancer and their parents SIOP Working Committee 2003 Go

11) Non-conventional Therapies (pdf file)

SIOP Working Committee



12)  Psychosocial workshop: "Listening to the dying child" (Word doc) SIOP Working Committee 2004 Go


Spanish Versions of the SIOP Guidelines

The SIOP Guidelines, as well as many of the newsletters and articles from this site, have been translated into Spanish by the Fundation Flexer, which is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

To view these, please go to their web site:

Our grateful thanks to Edith and the Fundacion Flexer for organising these translations and making them available.