Articles on Parents and Families

These articles are relevant to the issues faced by the parents and families of children with cancer.  

It is hoped that this body of articles will be added to, to share and enhance  the experiences and expertise of parent groups around the world.  



Author Date  
The forgotten sibling Dieter Thren 1995 Go
The parent of the child with cancer: coping strategies John Spinetta 1998 Go
Influences and factors that impact the outcome of the loss of a child: a North American perspective Christine Wandzura 1998 Go
Report of the Workshop on "Family Issues" Mark Chesler & Sadie Cutland 1999 Go
An Open Letter to a Parent with a child newly diagnosed with a life threatening illness.  Julian Cutland 2000 Go

Taking care of a dying child

Ansfriede Zwaagstra   2001 Go
Quality of life for children with cancer Christine Eiser (UK) 2001 Go

I never imagined that such things could happen to my own sister!

Kanika Mohan (India)



Igor's Battle against the Lunatics from LA 

Irina Cepinac Ban (Belgrade)

2003 Go
How parents can help themselves and others in the family, in providing effective care for the sick child Nirmala Chaudhry (India) 2003 Go
A Journey through Cancer - parental views, then and now Antonya Cooper (UK) 2004 Go
Childhood Cancer -a Mother's Retrospective Renate Pfeifer (Germany) 2004 Go
The parent during the final stage Maria Trifonidis (Greece) 2004 Go
Open Letter to my Child's Doctor Maria Trifonidis (Greece) 2005 Go
Expressing the unexpressed: a way to survive drs. Nel Kleverlaan (Netherlands) 2006 Go