Activities of Parent Groups around the World

These articles are by and about parent groups in different countries.  They give some information about the problems, hopes and achievements of the many and varied groups of parents who comprise ICCCPO.  



Author Date  
AMANC, the Mexican Association of Aid to Children with Cancer Lupita Alejandre 1995 Go
The Latvian Association of Parents of Children with Cancer Tamara Bula 1996 Go
Activities of the Children's Cancer Association of Japan Keji Iwata 1997 Go
Letter from Yugoslavia - 1997 Ruzica Timotic 1997 Go
The Presence of ICCCPO in South America Jesús MŞ González Marín 1997 Go
P.A.V.E.L., the parents association of Rumania Olga Hamagi 1999 Go
Childhood Cancer and Quality of Life: an Experience from Morocco Mokhtar El Harras 1999 Go
A "virtual" participation of the "Tashko" Foundation (Bulgaria) in the ICCCPO meeting in Montreal Dimitar Tashkov 1999 Go
Groups present themselves at Frankfurt 1998 Gerlind Bode 1999 Go
Sufferings and Humiliation (CLASS, Bangladesh) Osman Gani Mansur 2000 Go
Nadezhda means Hope Irina Proskuryakova 2001 Go
The Nucleo de Apoio ŕ Crianca com Cancer (NACC) - A parents group in a developing country Arli Pedrosa (Brazil) 2001 Go
Experience of a Parents' Group in Argentina Edith Grynszpancholc (Argentina) 2001 Go
P.A.V.E.L. - A Romanian association for parents of children with cancer Olga Ionescu 2001 Go
Facing a big crisis - Creative management of resources Edith Grynszpancholc (Argentina) 2002 Go
Experiences of a parent organization in crisis conditions Marina Novitskaja (Ukraine) 2002 Go
EC visit to ASHIC, Bangladesh Geoff Thaxter & Salma Choudhury 2003 Go

The Fifth Anniversary of the NGO “Children and Parents Against Cancer“

Katarina Kisseleva (Russia) 2003 Go

Regional Meetings: East European groups meet in Saint Petersburg

Katarina Kisseleva

2004 Go
Childhood Cancer Parent Associations in Ex-Yugoslavia Irina Ban (Serbia & Montenegro) 2004 Go
We are the winners Aaradhna Mittal (India) 2004 Go
Help for children with cancer in Belarus Evegenij Ukrainzew (Belarus) 2004 Go
The LOSEV-Festival Engin Yilmaz (Turkey) 2004 Go
To be Part of ICCCPO - Means to be Part of the World Irina Ban (Serbia & Montenegro) 2005 Go
Help for Parents and Children Georgia Christofouro (Greece) 2006 Go