Medically Related Articles

These are articles related to the medical aspects of childhood cancer.  

The intention is not to provide comprehensive medical information, since this is readily available on the other web sites; see the links page on the web site for details.  

These articles are mostly ones that have been published in the ICCCPO Newsletter.  






Pain management

Jo Eland 1995 Go
Pediatric Hematology and Oncology in South Africa Dr. Richard Cohn 1997 Go

The anatomy of clinical trials

Dr. Sue Ablett 1999 Go

Team approach to the immuno-compromised child

Sadie Cutland 1999 Go
Conventional vs. unconventional treatment Dr. Momcilo Jancovic 2002 Go
Some guidelines when considering Complementary Medicine NCCAM 2002 Go
What the future might bring... Eva Coenen 2002 Go
Medical Information: Retinoblastoma Melissa Adde 2002 Go

Warning Signs for Childhood Cancer




A few notes about the birth of the International Society of Pediatric Oncology Prof L M. Massimo 2004 Go

New developments in drug research in paediatric oncology

Auke Beishuizen

2004 Go
The development of the Cochrane Childhood Cancer Review Group Leontien Kremer 2004 Go
Safe Tobacco?  Giulio J. D’Angio. M.D 2006 Go
The Unmet needs of Children with Cancer ITCC 2007 Go