Conference talks and feedback

These articles are talks given at various conferences, and feedback and notes made by people who attended them.   

It is hoped that this body of articles will be added to, to share and enhance  the experiences and expertise of parent groups around the world.  






Speech at the Opening Ceremony of SIOP 1998 in Yokohama

Marianne Naafs-Wilstra 1998 Go
Report on Semaine des Cancers de L’enfants (The Week of Childhood Cancers), SIOP in Africa Sadie Cutland 1998 Go
Report of the ICCCPO meeting at SIOP 1998, October 4-7, Yokohama, Japan Marianne Naafs-Wilstra 1998 Go
Letter from the Chair - 1999 Marianne Naafs-Wilstra 1999 Go
Testimonial at the Opening of the SIOP Congress in Geneva, 2006 Alice Fabre